Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake)

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Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake)

Servings: 8

  • ------------------------------------CAKE------------------------------------
  • 6 ea Eggs; Large
  • 1 c  Sugar
  • 1 t  Vanilla Extract
  • 4 oz Unsweetened BakingChocolate*
  • 1 c  Flour; Sifted
  • -----------------------------------SYRUP-----------------------------------
  • 1/4 c  Sugar
  • 1/3 c  ;Water
  • 2 T  Kirsch
  • ----------------------------------FILLING----------------------------------
  • 1 1/2 c  Confectioners' Sugar
  • 1/3 c  Butter; Unsalted
  • 1 ea Egg Yolk; Large
  • 2 T  Kirsch Liquer
  • ----------------------------------TOPPING----------------------------------
  • 2 c  Sour Cherries; Canned, Drain
  • 2 T  Confectioners' Sugar
  • 1 c  Cream; Heavy, Whipped
  • 8 oz Semisweet Chocolate Bar (1)

* There should be 4 squares of chocolate and it should be melted.


Beat eggs, sugar, and vanilla together until thick and fluffy, about 10
minutes. Alternately fold chocolate and flour into the egg mixture,
ending with flour. Pour the batter into 3 8-inch cake pans that have been
well greased and floured. Bake in a preheated 350 degree F. oven for 10
to 15 minutes or until a cake tester inserted in the center comes out
clean. Cool cakes in pans for 5 minutes; turn out on racks to cool


Make syrup by mixing together sugar and water and boiling for 5 minutes.
When syrup has cooled, stir in kirsch. Prick the cake layers and pour
syrup over all 3 layers.


To make the butter-cream filling, beat together sugar and butter until
well blended. Add egg yolk; beat until light and fluffy, about 3 to 5
minutes. Fold in Kirsch.


To assemble cake, place 1 layer on a cake plate. Spread with butter cream
filling. Using 3/4 cup of the cherries, which have been patted dry, drop
cherries evenly over cream. Place second layer on cake. Repeat. Place
third layer on top. Fold 2 T confectioners’ sugar into the whipped cream.
Cover the sides and top of the cake with whipped cream. Decorate top of
cake with remaining 1/2 cup cherries. To make chocolate curls from
chocolate bar, shave (at room temperature) with a vegetable peeler.
Refrigerate curls until ready to use. Press chocolate curls on sides of
cake and sprinkle a few on the top. Chill until serving time.

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