3 Delicious Pasta Recipes | My NEW Favorite Quick + Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas


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Rustic Chicken Penne Recipe |

Creamy Mushroom & Spinach Tortellini Recipe |

Beefy Pasta Shells Recipe |

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  1. toni says


  2. Yolanda Valdez says

    Looks delicious I’m making it thank you God Bless 🙏

  3. Vanessa Williams says

    The BOMB! My husband loves it. I made the rustic chicken penne recipe

  4. Devika Saodekar says

    The last one is awesome!! will try to make a vegetarian version of it 🙂

  5. mitra kheirollahi says

    You are brilliant 🤗😍Could pls creat past with Aubrgine pls

  6. Marisela Najera says

    This pasta looks delicious but what kind of cream ? Heavy or sour cream?

  7. helen zambrana says

    im looking forward to trying these dishes soon 😀

  8. Surendra Gondipalli says

    4:41 sigh

  9. Wilhelmina Shikesho says

    Although can I like exclude the cheese in the first dish?

  10. Meloni Buloni says

    So your recipes have to be quick, easy, and delicious but how about healthy?

  11. Oliver The marshan says

    You are my new fav cooking channel all your recipes look so good and the ones I’ve made all turned out great

  12. Oliver The marshan says

    You are my new fav cooking channel all your recipes look so good and the ones I’ve made all turned out great

  13. Doriana.D says

    I've tried a few different takes on home style hamburger helper, and this was definitely the winner! I used ground chicken as that's what I had, and 1% milk, and I added some mushrooms because that's my jam. 😁
    Everybody who tried it said it was the best hamburger helper type pasta I've made so far, WAYY better than the box kind. Slightly more work, but I think it's still fairly easy and doable for sure.

  14. Belinda Becerra says

    Omg !!!!!! This looks amazing !!! Can I use regular tomorrow’s for recipe #1? 😍😍

  15. Oracle 365 says

    Thank you

  16. linda parker says

    Looks so delicious !

  17. berenice quezada says

    What kind of cream do you use?

  18. Elisia's Evolution says

    Im trying the last one tonight!!



  20. Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book says

    Looks good and tasty!! AWESOME!!!

  21. G R says

    Made the mushroom tortellini… a huge hit with the kiddos & hubby 👍🏻

  22. LittleRockQueen14 says

    Imagine being in 2019 with all those options and still eating dead body parts. Ugh.

  23. arwa1916 says

    Pasta is my weak point in my diet 😩🙏 🍝

  24. dave says

    these look so good!

  25. Ron M says


  26. MsGuerita21 says

    I Love the way you explain it beautiful ❤️ just to write down the ingredients next time so we can buy the ingredients

  27. Hano H says

    Ive just made the last one and im sorry to say ive ruined it! I dont have much cooking skill and i added too much flour. I'm serving my family a salty flavourless sludge! I think i'll be away from the kitchen for a while lol


    Hi Sara Lynn, I’m sure you’ve heard this before but your name means Pig in French. Spelt with an O but pronounced the same. The letters -au are also pronounced -o in French. So your name Cauchon is the same as Cochon which means Pig 🐖 in French. #YouShouldKnowThat 🤔

  29. hfshzhr89 says

    I think your look in this video is really pretty =D

  30. m4ngooo says

    Everything looks delicious and simple to make 😊

  31. coboliiik says

    I don't eat spinach, what can I substitute it with? 🙂

    Thank you <3

  32. Yvonne Ottley says

    Those look lovely! What is a good substitute for onion? Unfortunately I can't eat onion anymore. Thanks for all the awesome recipes! You make cooking and eating well so simple!

  33. Elizabeth K. says

    I love pasta. These look fantastic.

  34. Stefanie Stevens says

    I made the first pasta with shiratake noodles in place of penne because I am low carb and it came out pretty good! Cooked the shiratake noodles first then literally did all the other steps the exact same. In case anyone low carb misses pasta!

  35. Wienerkabobs says

    Anyone: what’s to use instead of cream? Is there lactose free cream?

  36. no-name says

    I made the beef one, but I used Quorn mince, as I’m vegetarian. It was okay, but didn’t have much flavour. I also overcooked the pasta, so it was a little mushy. I’ll try the mushroom one next week.

  37. Aris1956 says

    Italian dishes always make everyone happy … particularly Pasta dishes! Greetings from Italy ! 😉👍

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