1. Tami Ramos says

    Can't do any pasta that isn't actual pasta. Tried it – hated it.

  2. Gianna M says

    how much of each seasoning do you use for the turkey potato skillet?

  3. Ken Longhorn says

    Do more! Iā€™m tryin to lose weight! šŸ™‚

  4. HappilyEverDevines says

    The program fit girl has the same turkey potato skillet love it

  5. lisa powers says

    Can you use cut up tomatoes because my husband can't have any form of seeds?? When I use any kind of tomatoes, I Usually take the seeds out. Help??!

  6. Hithere says

    Great ideas

  7. Judith Garris says

    Where do you show your recipes for printing? I enjoy watching your YouTube's

  8. Brianna Lutteroty says

    Please do more of these! I love the fact that you posted a grocery haul and then included 5 meals to make with all those foods! I find it hard to meal plan. Esp with the stuff I buy at the grocery store. I unfortunately, a lot of times, end up throwing away produce because of this lack of planning! Thank you!!

  9. cc says

    wait I'm confused their was no water in the crock pot before you set the time but when it was done there was a ton of water?

  10. Deborah Dreany says

    Please do more! Your recipes look delicious and healthy and doable! Thank you!

  11. Trendy Nails By Melissa says

    Just made the sweet potato & turkey skillet for dinner. Delicious! Please make more videos like this

  12. Shaneska Melendez says

    Definely do more of these!

  13. McKenzie Washington says

    LOVE these types of videos!!!!

  14. Ayesha Zahoor says

    Sooo excited to see you've uploaded!! Love your hair and already know I'll love your vid

  15. Sally Traxler says

    I am going to try all of these šŸ™‚ they look so yummy and easy!

  16. Sally Traxler says

    I loved this video!!

  17. Carmella Gaskill says

    I love the meal ideas! All of them look delicious!

  18. Jennifer Gillis says

    Love this!! More please!

  19. Gina Marie says

    The last meal looks so good šŸ˜Š mmmmhhhhhh šŸ˜‹

  20. Jess Rawlings says

    Great inspiration! PLEASE do more of these quick and straightforward meal videos šŸ’™. How did the Enjoy Life crust turn out?

  21. Kelsey Wagner says

    so so great absofrickenlutely l0vlove the gluten free pizza

  22. inspire24x says

    it's actually just "naan" – the word itself means bread šŸ™‚

  23. Lauren Yerdon says

    I just made all these dinners this week and omg I love them! I was actually able to make them after work and it kept me healthy eating all week long. Thank you so, so much!!!

  24. Philippa Pay says

    Yes, please do more of these. And don't forget to show us the baby. He's a bigger star than even food.

  25. Bonnii Lowery says

    Please do more of these!

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