1. AR17 says

    Tasty: 5 minute easy recipes

    Me: Burns down the kitchen

  2. trweiyllioght g says

    who’s hungry

  3. Cook With Areesha says

    love your recipes look so delicious and tasty

  4. Da Lemonade says

    I made the macaroni when it came out it was so hard and not soft

  5. Joseph Malley says

    Me: thinks I can make mac n cheese

    Me: two minutes later there is boiling water all over my microwave

  6. Drekii_ says

    They assume it’s not 3am when people are asleep, all this makes too much noise my parents would hear T^T

  7. Atmos- GaMing & Reviews says

    Tasty channel is fake and cheater..
    In the pasta recipe these people tell to microwave macaroni for 2-3 minutes! Are you JOKING?! I almost microwaved it for 10-15 min and still the macaroni was raw… These people have cheated us.. I Have PROOF… when they put cheese the macaroni changes, you only watch.. CLICK HERE–> Start: 0:20 to End: 0:23 (at 0:23 the macaroni automatically changes into cheesy and creamy) CHEATERS!!

  8. Memon Fatimah says

    Me: I will gonna make macaroni in the microwave πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Ingredients: yes let's make it😊😊

    Microwave:No I am sleeping and having coldπŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€§πŸ˜΅

    Me: …….πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  9. ʚ plwush ɞ says

    my aunt is sleeping n were making her a surprise course cause she’s super stressed and tired <3 itll b a good course hehe

  10. Thangaraj Manickam says

    That was amazing

  11. Synix says

    When it's 3am and ur hungry

  12. Magic says

    I'm so low on ingredients, i don't even have the water

  13. RiverClay says

    Why all of these gotta be cholesterol filled tho?!

  14. Haleema Bi says

    Not good mac cheese it made my teeths pane,, πŸ˜ πŸ˜’

  15. Dharmendra Singh says

    I just see all recipes on five minutes craft

  16. Helina says

    They forgot to put n’t in can in the title guys if your wondering ❀️😭🀚🏽

  17. Lily Averly Roblox says

    They make it look so easy

    Me-Cheese isn't melted and the pasta isn't cooked

  18. ilobillie says

    ignore this


  19. Carpe Diem says

    Who else mac & cheese was bubbling in the microwave

  20. Lily Averly Roblox says

    Tasty- Biscuits and cream cheese
    Me-I don’t have biscuits

    😝 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜†
    haha lol!

  21. J M says

    Five minutes went by and I'm still looking for a bowl.

  22. Celery.05 says

    alternate title: make something in 5 minutes that will take a year off of your life!

  23. atticus! says

    yall americans have all this ingredients at home?

  24. BLANCA ALDANA says

    This thing said cook the macaroni 2-3 minutes and instead I had to cook for about 8 minutes just for it to actually get cooked.

  25. Isabella Chavez says

    More like how to get cancer in 5 min….

  26. Movie Nostalgia says

    I'm always looking for fast easy recipes and these are great. Thank you!!

  27. Katie Butcher says

    I can cook cereal 😌

  28. Vinita Chauhan says

    U r best πŸ‘

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