Cooking for Senior Pets: Quick, Easy, Nutritious & Tasty | Recipe by NHV Registered Vet Tech Johanna


As pets age, their nutritional requirements often change. It is important to adjust your older pet’s diet accordingly to keep them healthy in their senior years. Here is a simple recipe you can prepare for your senior pet. Please keep in mind this is a recipe for over-all healthy seniors, and should be adjusted if your pet has any health conditions.

There are a few essential additives which make this diet balanced:
• Dicalcium phosphate supplements calcium and is a tartar control agent.
• Brewers yeast, which contains essential B vitamins
• Taurine, which is an amino acid required in the diet of cats. If you are preparing this recipe for a dog, you can safely omit the Taurine, however it must be added if this diet is being fed to a cat.

This diet also requires NHV Multi Essentials for additional vitamin and mineral support and NHV Pet Omega 3 for essential fatty acids.

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