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A step by step guide to creating delicious dishes for every occasion. Domestic goddess Nigella Lawson shows us how to create great food in a very short space of time – perfect for those of us who spend our lives haring about.


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  1. Pamela Joyce says

    yum! I'm off cheese which makes life difficult

  2. Tom Hirschel says

    Eating liquid velvet….Remember when you were young?

  3. Simon Rodgers says

    Nailing Nigella.

  4. glamdolly20 says

    Nigella's children were small here and her first husband, and father of her kids the brilliant journalist John Diamond had not yet succumbed to his terminal cancer.
    Nigella was not the international foodie sex goddess she would become. Nor had she set up home with her second husband, megalomaniac advertising man, bully and narcissist Charles Saatchi. Nigella once told a court room, under oath, that being Saatchi's wife was a form of quote: 'Emotional terrorism'.
    I suspect Nigella looks back on these simpler days as some of the happiest of her life. More often than not, it is a great mercy that we cannot see the future.

  5. A says

    About the egg yolk: the pot and pasta is still quite hot, and the lemon juice "cooks" the yolk too. People have been making and eating pasta like this for millennium, no problemo.

  6. Cecelia Tkach says

    Has she had a face lift because she looks different.

  7. P T says

    I think she could get another whole bowl of chocolate pudding out of what she left in the mixing bowl….! I would go for it!

  8. Bamcis100 says

    This was the best of all the Nigella series.

  9. Rainbow Galaxy says

    😍like such bowl

  10. Aditi bharadwaj says

    de-rubber lolol

  11. Kuchi Kopi says

    Yea, Nigella would know about strong drugs.

  12. Geetanjali Kharbe says

    I love her recipes but hate her mess, why is her sink so dirty

  13. irfan sageer says

    Hey you look so sad

  14. Labyrinthine says

    when was this aired? seems like old program

  15. Kay Kad says

    I love cooking and learning new recipes so I'm happy to discover new cooking shows (I know this is old). But tbh her food doesn't look interesting at all to me. They all kind of look and (and judging by the ingredients) probably taste bland. Lemon chicken (tart) with greek yogurt (also tart), rice and plain tomato with water, mashed peas and like mayonnaisey yogurty pasta with raw egg omg. My tongue would retire. I've watched other episodes too and they're just as boring, except like maybe 1 dish per episode.

  16. Evening Enigma says

    17:13 I need to do this

  17. G. Bee says

    DID ANYONE NOTICE SHE DIDN'T WASH THE RICE!!? I can hear Uncle Roger screaming in my head! lol

  18. Aneta Risteska says

    I love her but boy, she's messy when she cooks 🙂 I am so sorry for the one who cleans everything after her, ahahaha

  19. Ananya Chatterjee says

    The all rounder women, A good mother and a best chef❤️

  20. Saurabh Kumar says

    Hello, thanks for sharing these easy tips. Totally understandable to be able to cook fast, when no time or tired. A small tip from me, which helps me really : two-three mushrooms to be sliced with toast bread, then goes in bread-toast with salt and oil. preparation time 4-5 minutes, easy snack/lunch to enjoy with coffee. Sometimes, I replace the mushrooms with Onions (Sliced)

  21. Ash Qr says

    Who came here just to see Nigella 🙂

  22. Maverick says

    These don’t seem like the healthiest recipes ..

  23. Kavitha Tanu says

    Hi my friend how are you my name is Kavitha I love your cocking your very butyful

  24. xosomelikeithot says

    I didn't know you can eat raw egg yolk. Is it safe ?

  25. Jordan Vas says

    Herbs,vitamins,proteins,veg,fruits,yoga 4 immunity. Bible is word of God,food 4 soul. GOD JESUS IS THE LIVING BREAD for those who believe His death n ressurrection will live forever in heaven. C 'Jesus' in google.

  26. AnnMarie says

    i would never guess she has a son named Bruno.

  27. lynne Turcotte says

    Is eating raw eggs ok?

  28. V O'Dell says

    Love your relaxed style and delicious recipes- where did you get that clever cheese grater your kids are using in the video?

  29. Amber Rodman says

    I love her recipes and even her voice but I hate her messiness. She makes a huge mess in every video and it makes my anxiety spike.

  30. Gretchen Wenzel says

    I love Nigella and really enjoyed the recipes… But I have to say… There was so much Intentional “Effort” put into making this “Effortless” video look like you are in panic, freak out, get it done, sloppy as can be throw thing about flying everywhere , mode making dinner during an already crazy busy day, with baths and all else still to tend afterwards… that it actually stressed me out watching it! You can clearly see this by the crazy long run on sentence but I just wrote! The intentional making of a mess and rushing about haphazardly was a little bit too much for me. I normally never leave comments like this and I hate to sound like a party pooper but I literally felt Irritated and that I had to tolerate it just to finish watching the recipes. The fact that you’re watching the video means that you obviously are taking time out of your stressful day in the first place. Kind of a paradox and defeats the purpose…❤️.Definitely going to make the recipes. Constructive criticism…

  31. kevin welsh says

    It strikes me as all fake – a performance. why do you have an old CRT computer??? and when I say CRT I mean CRT…

  32. Penell E says

    I remember YEARS ago discovering Nigella and have loved her ever since. Her style is charming, easy, and effortless. Thank you for these dishes during Covid.

  33. Rida says

    No one:

  34. Utsav Bhowmik says

    Her kids never age…nor does she

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