1. Pooja Harinkhede says

    Hindi bolo

  2. foodiee moodiee says

    She ❤️

  3. Pratiksha Patel says

    hy mam I hv qn dt aft making bater on higher flm or slow 4 stm d dhokla rply fst

  4. Vir Thanki says

    What happened to Annuradha Toshniwal???

  5. Khan Nooru says

    Hello i had try khaman dhokla and believe me its tasty as v purchase it from outside thanks a lot

  6. fidelami moulik says

    hello very nice but please can you whrite the ingredient.
    thank you.

  7. SahMai says

    That sound on the background is so awful! This is not a hollywood movie! Can't hear what you are saying! No need to have awful sounds in a cooking program! That is very stupid!

  8. shobha kunder says

    thank you mam I like Gujarati food

  9. Niti Gandhi says

    hi..ruchi..mene haldi or soda dono dala to mera khaman red ho gaya steam honeke bad..aesa kyu?

  10. Ria Hirlekar says

    thank u soo much

  11. Khushdil Chokshi says

    really nice recipes as well as the way of recording..

  12. samir joshi says


  13. Archana Singh says

    u say "am gonna" words a lot. whenever u say "am gonna" we take vodka shots .thats the game we play with your youtube videos.

  14. Salma Kadernani says

    Plz add measurements of the receipes if we want to try

  15. Hena Shah says

    mam pls will you teach us how to make pressure cooker  cake without eggs? because I really like your videos and I do make this all things pls mam thank you….

  16. tinimini shah says

    I r so sweet ruchi but we call it khaman nd I steam for only 12 min nd it turn out nice

  17. Pooja Pandya says

    Hey Ruchi. I am a great fan of you and I have followed many recipes of yours. But being gujarati, we call it Khaman but not Dhokla.. Dhokla is to totally different dish with all different menthod. The dish you prepared is Khaman but it's not calld Dhokla at all !!

  18. Twilight FanFic Audio says

    What is the name of that pot and lid at 8:08? I have not seen that before.

  19. Baba Malek says

    lenguage spiech gujarati

  20. Suriee Shah says

    ruchi u added lemon juice in ur kadhi.. but as i see lemon and curd never matches together.. as well if u boil the kadhi more jus after churning it with gram flour isnt it possibility of getting curd scattered.. well i loved the new momo steamer for muthia recipe.. i loved sev nu shak its like kind of misal recipe.. well theplas are mouth watering.. and ofcourse khamans.. wow i jus cant imagine.. i was thinking about my days wen i was in INDIA dat too at Surat.. loved it all.. thanks for sharing Ruchi and the last lady..

  21. Mike Shane says

    Richie, gr8 presentation. Short and Sweet.. Love all your videos. Keep it up.

  22. Shubham Soni says

    mam plz add subtitle also….and it is too good video

  23. Pooja Krishi says

    Hello Ruchi. Wanted to find out if we can add lemon juice instead of citric crystals and also cooking soda instead of eno salt.

  24. Megha Muttal says

    Hi,I liked ur recipes.it would be helpful if u make few episodes on traditional and authentic flavor of parsi,sindhi,Bengali .veg spicy recipes.looking forward to many more recipes of urs. thanx.

  25. sunitha premkkumar says

    perfect receipe

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