Gluten Free Bakery in NYC | EAT IT takes on Senza Gluten NYC – Season 1


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Owning 2 restaurants and being diagnosed with celiac disease changed our perspective on eating a gluten free lifestyle. Together, we are on mission to educate and find the best gluten free eats across the country. Are you ready to EAT IT?!

In todays episode, Diane and Mr. TEPSBEST take on the streets on New York. When looking for the best gluten free eats in SOHO, look no further than Sullivan Street and Senza Gluten!

With two location, both a cafe & bakery and a full service restaurant, Senza Gluten offers the BEST 100% gluten free eats, and drinks. Their menu is full of delicious options ranging from paninis, flatbreads, cheesecakes, eclairs, muffins and everything you wouldn’t think you’d be able to find that is gluten free. And not to mention, tastes AMAZING!


We had the chance to interview the incredible Chef behind these two restaurants, Chef Jemiko. His inspiration behind a 100% gluten free restaurant were his friends because whenever they went to a restaurant they’d always have a problem. Loving Italian food with the pastas and everything, he would be eating while his friends just watched him since they had Celiac. Jemiko made a promise to them that he would do something about this. 6 years later, he opened up the first location at 206 Sullivan Street.

Being Celiac and finding a place like Senza Gluten in NY and being able to sit down and order anything off the menu and be able to eat it is just a dream for someone like me. Because we can’t just go anywhere, we have to worry about whether or not there is any cross contamination.


Diane took the honors of ordering a round of fresh Peach Bellinis for the table. They are using Prosecco and freshly squeeze Georgia Peach Juice and we are loving it. They do have other cocktails like your mimosa and a red wine spritzer that we were defiantly eyeing up. They have some awesome red and white wines and even gluten free beers, so you’ve got to check it out.


We ordered a couple paninis and a salad and let’s just say the table was speechless. The flavors were impeccable and you’d never guess you were eating a gluten free meal. That bread?! Oh my god, 10 out of 10 every single time.

Prosciutto e Mozzarella Panini
Prosciutto di Parma, Buffalo mozzarella, baby arugula, homemade basil, Parmesan, and pine nuts pesto. Contains pine nuts.

Pollo Panini
Smoked chicken breast, homemade mayo, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and fontina cheese.

Rucola Salad
Baby arugula, grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan in a citrus vinaigrette (Veg).


We never say this when we are eating gluten free, but we were FULL. But, there is always room for dessert, right?! We ordered the blueberry muffin, chocolate eclairs, chocolate lava cake and tiramisu. Everything was amazing, just how we knew it was going to be. Those with Celiac don’t get to eat this type of food every day and the fact that it tasted incredible was a dream.


Next time you are in NY and looking for the best gluten free eats, call a cab and head over to Senza Gluten at 171 or 206 Sullivan Street. This place is a gem in SOHO and you’ve got to check them out and EAT IT!


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