Gluten Free Plantain Pancakes | AIP breakfast ideas | Vegan | Paleo #Ep 44


These gluten free Paleo Pancakes are to die for. They are super soft, fluffy and taste absolutely delicious. They are also easy to make and extremely customizable to suit the AIP and Vegan formats. Trust me, these beauties will get your day started on a happy note.

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  1. Mary Hoffman says

    Do you know if you can substitute cassava or tigernut flour for the coconut flour? Thanks!

  2. Diane Labenz says

    Tip: A fairly ripe plantain’s skin should look black in color.

  3. The Relatable Kitchen says

    This really exists?? Omg I have to try it!

  4. Jeanalynn Horkman says

    I made these AIP compliant. Yum! I found no reason for an egg or egg substitute. They were fluffy and crisp on the edges, the held together well. I also used a VERY black plantain fwiw. The mango, my coconut butter, and the banana taste of the sweet plantain went very well together.

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