Healthy, tasty and easy lunch ideas


Guideline 7 – Healthy, tasty and easy lunch ideas

It seems simple but often becomes a daunting task to actually figure what to pack for lunch. Kids get bored easily of eating the same food and sometimes we are just plain short on time to cook fresh meals. So here are some quick ideas that are healthy, tasty and easy –

1. Roti, jaggery and ghee – excellent for both the long and the short breaks. You can give a roti with jaggery and ghee on the side or have the child spread it and make a roll of it and you have a nutrient dense dabba ready. Can even use last night’s roti. Especially good in winters or when the kid is down with cough, congestion or has low immunity. If your kid has frequent allergies, pick the liquid jaggery, it’s in season right now. In summers you have the choice of roti with ghee and sugar or its totally ok to continue with jaggery too.

2. Dahi-rice/ rice with tadka/ Fodnicha bhat/ Vagahrelu bhat/ lemon rice – Easy to cook and tastes great even when cold. Rice typically doesn’t taste great when its not piping hot but thanks to its versatile nature, give it a vaghar or tadka or mix dahi and it turns into a great snack. You can send the tadka rice with dahi or chaas that has hing or curry leaves along with a pinch of rock salt and you have a complete meal which is also a perfect mix of pre and pro-biotics. No yogurt in the market can match that. Good in all seasons, makes for a great big break snack or an after school snack.

3. Fresh fruit – Banana is my favourite, especially for growing kids, athletic kids and girls who get cramps during periods or if you have a kid whose knees hurt in the evening. Rich in minerals, packed with Vit B and rich in taste, this one is not to be missed on. Also don’t turn a blind eye to the ber, guava and amla that are in season right now or the mango, jamun, seetaphal, karvand when they come. Diversify your kid’s fruit portfolio and don’t buy into the marketing of kiwis, berries and the likes. Crucial at all ages, local fruits should be introduced as early as 2 years of age. Surely put them on your teenager’s plate. From constipation to acne and everything in between, the local, native fruits are a perfect cure for all. Good for the small break, post sports and as school bus snack.

Essentially, sit down with your child and draw up a 5 day menu. Help them pick options based on what is – Local, seasonal, traditional. And teach them to factor in for cooking time too.

Let’s teach our children to choose food based on climate resilience and not convenience.

And what should never be a part of the dabba –
1. Chocolate 2. Chips 3. Ready to eat snacks 4. Juices 5. Colas. I can go on but I think you get my point already.

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  1. Mam hum hindustani hai please hindi mai bataya kariye

  2. Varsha G. says

    what you say is nothing but good old common sense only but as they say common sense is very uncommon.

  3. swathi says

    For diabetics, consuming jaggery is not a good idea.

  4. Mira Murray says

    Very nice to hear about jaggery, roti, banana, .. loved it

  5. Srirupa Choudhury says

    I live in Sweden, can you please give a suggestion that what type of food should we take. Thank you

  6. Smita Deshmukh says

    Can we ear oat

  7. Sandy Babalu says

    Kiti chan English bolte,ase vatate tuze bolne aktch rahv❤️

  8. Aishwarya Sawalkar says

    Does banana, peru, sitafal, etc. Cause cough,cold ?

  9. champa says

    Liquid jaggery and molasses are same ?

  10. Anima Chaturvedi says

    Can we eat basmati rice daily in evening with dal? What dal can we have with rice in evening?


    Hello ma’am …following you ….not started loosing weight…Can you please tell about wheat used as flour….not able to digest…taking jowar in summer n ragi n bajra in winters ..still it’s hard to eat for kids all the tym..please suggest something else..also cooking chillas and thalipete

  12. Oza Parul says

    I love to heard vagharelo bhat…..I m from it's funny

  13. Oza Parul says

    Are mam abhi kon jageery n roti khata he …I eat in my childhood but not in nasta during lunch

  14. pooja verma says

    Hello ma'am. I m ur fan. I m 45 year women. pls suggest diet which make me energetic and slim. I have thyroid. Thanks pls advise

  15. Savitha Bhoote says

    You look so healthy and 👌joyful

  16. Savitha Bhoote says

    You look so healthy and 👌joyful

  17. PAWAN KUMAR says

    Seriously kuch to acha bta do without money

  18. Manju Dhoot says

    I am constantly increasing wt I think coz i have the ghee n breakfast

  19. Manju Dhoot says

    Every thing sounds so. So nice but what do i do for my wt

  20. Cute as duck says

    The way she simplifies everything and tells you to enjoy your food is amazing. Also she has a delightful personality!

  21. Arpita Mudi says

    Kids will throw the roti n gud n eat more junk from other kids tiffin

  22. Anonymous says

    What can we do if I get gmo banana 🍌 in Australia. The sizes here are huge and does not look organic at all. Please advise as we feed them to our kids daily

  23. Kattyani Sen says

    What about Bengalis …..!!!!???
    These recipes and menu selections doesn't match with the Bengalis….????? So….

  24. meera rajeshp says

    Thank you mam. U r really a great.

  25. Sruthi Bonthu says

    My son eats 4 to 6 bananas a day,he is three yr old,is it ok?

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  27. Amira Hussain says

    Pls make video on hyper acidity food guidelines

  28. Ruchi Chauhan says

    aapki diet or advice saada simple or available ho aasani se aisi hoti h so Rujutadiwaker plz y middle class moms or logon k liye samjhne m aasan rhe iske liye aap hindi m baat krein yaa batayein toh behtar hoga

  29. Anjali Jain says

    Hello mam, can you also suggest something for lunch for adults (working professionals)

  30. Vidhi Rane says

    Thank you so much mam….gbu……

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    Videos r great….. but pls stop dancing

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    I love the way u deliver
    I love your style
    Actually your style is simplistic
    That definitely makes a mark

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    How rice should be prepared…in open pot or is it ok to cook in pressure cooker

  35. sushmita mandal says

    Mam what to do for grey hair

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    What is jaagry please?

  37. Chhaya Chhettry says

    Hi Rujuta. I love your preference for our traditional Indian food.

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    Hi Rujuta,
    Can we have ghee made from butter.?

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    Awesome Rujuta mam🙂🙂

  40. Duaa star says

    Can anyone write the food or receipts she mentioned I don’t understand

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    Can you please do Healthy dessert options?

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    Best way of food to eat.

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    Mam ladies me knee problem bad gaee he please eska solution batay

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    हिंदी मधे बोललीस तर जयाना इंग्लिश कलत नाही ते पन विडियो बघतील

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