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In Today’s video I will be sharing three easy high protein lunch box recipes for kids that are healthy and tasty too. These lunch boxes are very easy to make and nutritious,protein rich and very tasty too. Kids will love them as they are easy to eat and so can be eaten during their short lunch break in school in kindergarten.

These high protein lunch box recipes will keep your kid happy and full until the next meal.I am sharing with you how I pack my son his lunchbox for kindegarten.
The Indian Lunch box ideas that can be watched in the video are for
1.Paneer Kathi roll
It is made with paneer, spinach and avovado as the main ingredients and you can add more vegetables to make it a more nutrient rich lunch box
2.Soya cutlet/tikkis
This is made with Nutrela Soya chunks recipe.It is a protein rich lunch and is totallyvegetarian
3.Tricolour sandwich.
This sandwichis made with carrots, cream cheese, green chutney and paneer and is made with whole wheat bread to make it a complete lunch meal for little kids

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