How To Eat Healthy for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


How to eat healthy for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 3 easy and budget friendly meals: Chia seed pudding, salad with vinaigrette and pan-fried salmon with veggies. The work week can be busy and it’s tough to eat healthy throughout the day. Believe me, there is a way! It’s tough to find recipes that you can make quickly and for cheap. These meals are guaranteed to be easy for any beginner…like me

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Breakfast: Chia Seed Pudding
chia seed
almond milk
almond butter … or peanut butter, maple syrup, honey

Lunch: Salad with homemade basic vinaigrette
salad any which way you like
olive oil
garlic minced
salt and peppa

Dinner: Pan-fried salmon with broccoli and green beans
salmon fillet
olive oil
salt and peppa

green beans


  1. Ish Sadeepa says

    look tired!

  2. LifeWithLala says

    Please oh please tell me you washed those berries? I grew up in the agriculture world always wash your fruit and vegetables. They grow in dirt, they have pesticides (yes even organic uses pesticides) and animals defecate on them.

  3. Lud Zalm says


  4. Mary Moreno says

    DeberΓ­an poner subtitulos

  5. Emmalyne Armanio says

    I love your kitchen!!!!!!

  6. InkyENT says

    I just eat tacos mostly. As long as you use corn tortillas, they’re pretty healthy depending on your filling.

  7. kaya 101 says

    just found your channel and i love it!

  8. Lizzytheepiclizard Gibb says

    I’m so upset you don’t have more subscribers, your content is really incredible quality

  9. Prinzessin Belen says

    The minute he said chia seeds I got upset lmao, for some reason chia seeds hurt my stomach ,_,

  10. William Bell says

    Yum Jamie

  11. Robin T says

    Looks so delish! But I’m having sugar withdrawals!! πŸ€­πŸ˜‚

  12. todd says

    As you were making the breakfast jar I was thinking how fun it would be to spoon down through the layers, but you mixed it up. I wonder if it would work if you didn't mix it.

  13. Megan Lockhart says

    healthy is good but I love my pizza

  14. Shirley Castle says

    You did a great job, thank you. Burnt skin is what I call well fired it makes it nice and crispy and I'm sure it takes away every calorie in the whole meal.

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