How to prepare a cooked lobster – BBC Good Food


Barney from the BBC Good Food team gives expert advice on how to get all the meat from the shell of a cooked lobster.

The king of the crustaceans, lobster is a delicacy that commands a very high price, with white, firm meat that is sweet and succulent.
Before it is cooked, lobster shell has a very dark colour, with tints that range from blue/green to red/purple – it gains its distinctive deep red brick colour only when it’s cooked.

You’ll need a large bowl for the shells, a lobster pick or skewer, kitchen scissors, something heavy like a rolling pin or handle of a large knife, plus lots of kitchen paper.

Don’t throw away the shells as they can be used to make delicious stock! They also freeze really well so you don’t have to use them straight away.

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