1. world citizen G says

    the audience clap for everything,…. finally it's announced that they each get a copy of Jamie cook book.

  2. Hillary Hollins says

    This guy makes the most absolutely delicious quick exotic tasty recipe's he's the best out there for unbelievably tasty food!! He was once the ?Naked Chef years ago! Try!

  3. George says

    Yeah just flick water everywhere great!!!

  4. Michael Travis says

    Are they being serious, clapping at literally everything 😂 what a bunch of bellends

  5. Dana Muise says

    so is the egg uncooked?

  6. Avis Wrentmore says

    I agree. This is what I do:) and the prep can only take 8 min. or less. Because the remainder of the time is low simmer/cooking and then it's done:) and yum. My Recipe: Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, 1/2 Onion chopped, 1/4 Fennel chopped, Sea Salt, Olive Oil and Mixed Seasoning Spice that has about 10 different spices in one bottle so there you have it 5 Ing. (don't use chicken breast they are dry and have no flavor). Trader Joe's has a good all in 1 spice. Super easy and takes less than 20:) P.S. OMG this dish he's making is Aces:) Yum.

  7. Rahul Sharma says

    Gordon ramsay where you at bro ? #ramsayarmy

  8. Tessa Knoblauch says

    He touched raw meat, then immediately handled the rest of the ingredients. I hope no one ate it!

  9. Emanuel Burgh says

    I don't need a book to tell me i can throw in some cheese, meat and pasta and I got myself a decent meal.

  10. Callie Daly says

    I so love him. I have this cookbook and it’s great

  11. Tom Spencer says


  12. CA CA says

    He should have thrown in his jerk rice…

  13. Aphro Moriatis says

    Good god I love me some Jamie

  14. Ava Yu says

    Jamie Oliver is cool but GMA is lame!

  15. Jane Grimaldi says

    Oh boy Jamie Oliver is in the USA, the same country as Gordon Ramsay, ahi yah yah, he's not in England…Gordon must be breaking out in hives n wondering what the fuck

  16. batterycock says

    that audience clap at anything…sure if jamie farted would be round of applause

  17. Rachel Rogers says

    6:34 shout out to the girl in the middle.

  18. DONB ASI says


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