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In this video I have shared kids healthy lunch box ideas.I have also shown how to make Indian lunch box recipes in a quick and easy way.This recipes are very easy to make and very healthy and tasty.This lunch box ideas are very nutritious and has the food valve that is required for the kids.It has a balance diet that is required for the kids.I hope you all will like my recipe .They are super easy to make and can be made in no time.Spinach and carrot has lot of nutritious valve and are best for the kids.So I made a spinach and carrot pancake .This are all healthy lunch for the kids.I have made a banana paratha roll as banana has lot of iron which is essential for kids.

The recipes which I have shared are
1) Spinach carrot pancake

1/2 Cup of pancake
1/2 Cup of butter milk
1/4 Cup of spinach
1/4 Cup of carrot
minced garlic

2) Banana sushi paratha
1 banana
one paratha
peanut butter ( if you dont like peanut butter you can give nutella)

3) Veggie Sandwich
2 pieces of bread
4 slice of cucumber
4 slice of tomato
shreddered cheeses

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Some of the product for kids school are
1) Water Bottle

2) Lunch box

3) School bags



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