No-Bake Quick, Easy, & Delicious Breakfast Ideas!


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In this video I’m showing you some no-bake quick, easy, and delicious breakfast ideas! This video was so much fun to make and I really hope you enjoy it!

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  1. salma rat says

    I feel like the only person from corona time.

  2. fluffy marshmallow says

    Anyone else watching this well quarantine

  3. Zahra says

    Who else 5 years late B)

  4. Alaynah Latte says

    Why is no one talking about how pretty she is?! Dang girl i see you

  5. Hybrid - Games says

    i think they patched this

  6. Nazima Chaudhary says

    I just made the apple crumble and it just helped me with my diet sooo much. All thanks to you Emily, you are a star.
    love you ~ Ayrah (i'm her daughter).
    i have already subscribed.

  7. Unicorn Alaynah says

    Does the yogurt things work with milk or other dairy foods

  8. Unicorn Alaynah says

    Hey emiky

  9. Minty Kitten says

    Banana Crumble 🍌🥜


    1 banana
    7 – 13 blue berries (optional)
    1 or 2 strawberrys (optional)
    Granola bar (plain or added stuff)

    Chop up the banana into squares, mash it a bit together. Add some fruit. Got granola bar, put in bag, add another bag on top, and smash it with a roller pin or smack it on the counter. Add them all together and it's GOOD

  10. Kim Magy says

    Who else thought that when she was putting the granola in the muffin tin ..that she was going to bake

  11. Maria Moya says

    My breakfast idea:
    Cook your preferred egg and once you have cooked it place it on top of a peace of bread, add some salt and pepper then add fruits around it and boom!

    You can also….grab your favorite fruits and add salt and pepper to make them yummier

    And last but not least you can also grab a peace of bread, put peanut butter on it and sliced bananas on top of that. After sprinkle some cinnamon on top!

    Life is complete and so is this comment! My belly is happy now☺️

  12. FayeTeddy X says

    what can i use instead of granola on the apple crumble?oats?

  13. OkkUuURrrrRrr Sis says

    They look sooooo good , but I’m fat so imma take out all the healthy ingredients (●´ω`●)

  14. Mr. LS 7 says

    Lol great food ……🦄😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 omg!!!!!

  15. Kiani Umer says

    Sorry girl but pretty sure those are tablespoons and NOT teaspoons (no hate ♥️)

  16. Jays_Chaos says

    When I heard my fav song i said good

  17. Erica Mehl says

    Really what are the measurements

  18. MiniRia says

    its march 25 2018 now..

  19. The Great Gaffneys says

    Hey Em marie I just want u to know u are great with U tube and I don't know why your not famous haha😂 your so awesome and you come up with amazing ideas!!!😗💜

  20. The Great Gaffneys says


  21. Hana Bouyermaouen says

    U r the best thanks

  22. Diana Castillo says

    I want to do these but they aren’t quick to make

  23. Joyce Eleanor says

    Video starts at 1:13

  24. D12 NEXUS says

    Super unhealthy

  25. Emma Lang says

    She looked like a sim when mixing

  26. C&M twins says

    when you say colorful things you mean dots

  27. Hamza Abdi says

    its okay but try to keep the repicies simple

  28. Otto Palmgren says

    So fake personality

  29. Raazia Khan says

    they are actually not dried cranberries there dried cherry

  30. Elina. k says

    I'm really hungry right now because my mom is sleeping right now and my dad is at work also its 12:05 pm right and i havent eaten breakfast yet also I'm looking for some breakfast ideas,but none of them I have the ingredients.😥😭😭😭

  31. Nitisha Gurung says

    fuck u
    u suck
    your voice is like a piece of shut

  32. Tillie Hunter says

    the first recipe I can't have because I'm not aloud to have chocolate

  33. Gabby says

    according to my home and careers teacher, what u called a spatula is a rubber scraper… and a butterknife is a spatula😂

  34. kawaii neon cat says

    do you have to put peanut butter, not a fan of it tbh

  35. Robyn Dalton says

    do you eat those for every morning

  36. Paola Garcia says

    Doesn't she mean tablespoon

  37. Quick n Easy Recipes says

    yum always looking for new breakfast ideas

  38. Joshua Stockam says

    i just got none Mackling the Apple crumble it's so good 🍎

  39. cool says

    Love this vid

  40. tayte kozlowski says


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