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Meal 1 ingredients/amounts used:

■ 175g rice noodles
■ 190g prawns
■ roughly 100g bok choi
■ roughly 15ml sesame oil
■ roughly 50g spring onions
■ 2 chillies
■ 2 cloves of garlic
■ 10g fresh ginger
■ 20ml light soy
■ 5g coconut oil
■ no idea how much coriander/cilantro

Meal 2 ingredients/amounts used:

**note: this will provide two portions (at least)**

■ half a brown onion
■ 10g butter
■ 340g meatballs
■ 500ml chicken stock
■ 400g chopped tomatoes
■ 30g chorizo
■ 200g cherry tomatoes
■ 400g orzo
■ sprinkle of dried oregano
■ parsley (enough to garnish)

Meal 3 ingredients/amounts used:

■ chicken breast (mine was about 250g)
■ 400g sweet potato
■ 200g carrot
■ roughly 15ml olive oil
■ roughly 20g goat’s cheese
■ roughly 20g honey
■ 100g tenderstem broccoli
■ sprig of rosemary
■ sprinkle of thyme

Meal 4 ingredients/amounts used:

■ 4 cloves of garlic
■ 10g butter (at least)
■ 100g diced lean bacon
■ 350g fresh tagliatelle
■ 100g chestnut mushrooms
■ 125ml single cream
■ 15g parmesan
■ half a handful of fresh basil


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  1. Joe Delaney says

    Yo everyone! Tried a little different style than the usual meal prep videos. Let me know if you like it, but keep your dam mouth shut if you don't.

    Just kidding, let me know if you don't also. Enjoy the video and tag me in your Instagram stories if you re-create these so I can see em! Cheers people <3

  2. Bailey Maule says

    This is my first video I have seen by you, but please keep the style like this, satisfying and still funny

  3. goodsamwise says

    These look really good but I’m wondering about the macros : do you want a higher protein percentage or is that amount fine ?

  4. Chris Brown says

    I made the chorizo, meatball, orzo. Was pretty nice

  5. Jamie Pirie says

    I just get a dominos pepperoni pizza (1400calories)

  6. TRD says

    what to feed a 14yr old teen.
    I'll be trying all 3.

  7. Cristobal Hernandez says

    The chicken potato one looks so amazing but holy shit its so much food

  8. Chad Jehebej says

    Start using the stalks, they have the most flavour, it's such a waste to throw them away.

  9. Wayne Price says

    Mi taste bds just had a wank mate…. love the vids pal can you do more… bulking up mi sen like😉

  10. Dylan Watt says

    Hey I think you can totally use an even smaller pan

  11. James Cherry says

    You chew like a fuckwit

  12. EdgeOfNight says

    careful not to burn the garlic or youll fuck it XDD DEAD

  13. Knxtrn says

    Why didn't you eat out of the baking dish, why did you put it even on the plate? The chicken is not raw anymore right?

  14. Michael Wu says

    noticed you make a good amount of Asian-style food in your videos haha growing up in an Asian household it was def hard to eat healthier just cause of all the super carb heavy/saucey meals – thanks for showing a healthier side haha

  15. notreadyfortorpedos says

    "Never put a knife to basil." Meyhem Lauren

  16. Harvey Craig says

    Mate I just chucked this on for something to watch while I ate my tea and I was so immersed the whole time. Class POV nae fucking around, using all the first takes – made for a proper realistic scran creation endeavour. I never comment on videos but I'll give you props, a like and a sub for this, cheers loon.

  17. A T says

    We get it, you have a gold watch 😂 take it off for the cooking dude

  18. Gabriella Malcolm says

    Just made the meatball one banging

  19. Samuel Hasan says

    I like your kitchen bro

  20. Haroon Shinwari says

    Great video my dude. But like I tried making the first recipe, the prawn noodles, and I am adamant that there is a typo. 175g of noodles is way too much. Unless I'm mistaken and that's meant to be 175 boiled noodles.

    Anyways besides that great video. Please do more videos like this. Cheers pal

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