Party Food Ideas – Quick And Easy To Make Party Starters / Snack / Dips Recipe


‘What’s on the menu’ is the first thing that crosses our mind at a party. So start off your party with these stunning party food ideas that include quick and delicious starters and appetizing dips recipes. Check out our collection of appetizing party food recipes.

Menu: (For ingredients, click on the below links)

Party Appetizers – Quick Bites – 00:12 ( )
Paneer Parcel – 06:13 ( )
Hariyali Aloo Tikka – 11:05 ( )
Garlic Cheese Bread – 14:18 ( )
Cream Cheese Dip – 17:14 ( )
Stuffed Zucchini Rolls – 19:46 ( )
Cheese Corn Balls – 24:04 ( )

Editing: Dinesh Shetty
Creative Head: Kavya Krishnaswamy
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited

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  1. Renuka George Bhatia says

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  2. Satyendra Taneja says

    They r really really amazing recipes

  3. Satyendra Taneja says

    If v don't get samosa strips then is there an alternative


    Zuccini rolls nice. Very super.👍🏻

  5. Shruti Dhotre says

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    hi …your recipes are good but plastic is not good for our health so please use other things instead of plastic…

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    V nice. Good idea show us non veg for snacks Thanks

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    Very yummy

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  18. Julie Perez says

    How messy do they look
    I wouldn't serve these to the dog

  19. Manoj Wadekar says

    Thank u party receipe ke liye mam. Thank u

  20. S Singhi says

    For the cheese garlic bread which mode and how long have u placed in the oven both the times

  21. Sangeeta Singh says

    What is pesto sauce

  22. Mark Chandler says

    You make me home-sick for my Aunt's Indian food..! I can't get most of the ingredients here in Romania and substitutions just don't cut it. Tell your husband to go buy a lottery ticket… he is a lucky guy..!

  23. j g says

    Ruchi… where do u get suxh flat knives.. brand

  24. VDK says

    you are looking good for Dove add

  25. Christallin Johnson-Smith says

    Thank you for sharing your expertise. I appreciate the recipes and I can modify them as I want to. Great job!

  26. Dipika Kawalkar says

    After frying can we put paneer parcel in refrigerator for a couple of days ,as for party have to make variety of food & can't make in same day

  27. Relic says

    Food looking soo yummy!!I will try all of them…

  28. Seema Subhani says

    can i refregrate day before the party if yes how can i refrigrate it

  29. Srijana Shakya says

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