Pasta recipes for baby 8 months +|Easy and healthy lunch/dinner baby food ideas


Homemade baby food recipe-Pasta recipes for baby – Here I am sharing two pasta recipes for baby.One is vegetarian pasta recipe and other is chicken pasta recipe.Here I am using a special pasta that is very suitable for babies to eat safely and healthily.

Pasta is very good for baby.Pasta is very nutritious and provides energy ,fiber,iron,B vitamins etc to the baby.Pasta can keep the baby full or longer too.

However,this pasta is made up of semolina and some babies may be allergic to wheat or if it runs in the family ,in that case consult with the baby’s doctor and then proceed.

These pasta recipes can also be given to babies +6 months,then it is good to break or mash the pasta for proper swallowing.

How much to pasta to give to the baby ?

Start with a teaspoon till baby’s appetite once or twice a day .

These pasta recipes can be given to the baby as an easy and healthy lunch or dinner.

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