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Roasted chicken. Where do I even begin? I could easily say this meal is a part of my genetic makeup at this point in my life – that is how much I have had this dish. Growing up in my household we probably roasted a chicken once a week – at the very least. As I got older, I enjoyed taking on more of the cooking responsibilities which my parents did not mind at all because it was one less thing they had to come home and do after a long work day. But thats the beauty of roasted chicken is that it is easy enough to come home and do after a long work day – just takes a little more cooking time thats all. But what makes it even better is that all there is to it is assembly, seasoning and then throw that bad boy in the oven. Chicken is such a great blank canvas and seasoning it can be whatever you’re in the mood for that day. So have fun with it. As long as you enjoy it there really is no wrong way!!


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