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See bloopers here: http://youtu.be/EhzvkC0KXTY

First dates are always tough… the anxiety of picking out the perfect outfit, coming up with a chill yet hip playlist, setting the right mood… worrying about whipping up a delicious meal that’s both satisfying yet effortless? Well we’re here with Barry Taylor from SORTED Food, Europe’s largest cooking community on YouTube who’s going to let us test out our favorite first date dinners to see what works, and what doesn’t. For this date we’re starting with a mouthwatering rosemary encrusted roasted fingerling potato spritzed in a little truffle oil, a hearty helping of crispy fresh green beans and the largest cast iron grilled ribeye Barry’s ever laid his eyes on.

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SORTED FOOD: What to Cook For a Guy on a Date http://youtu.be/KTz_taRIBKc
SORTED FOOD: A Delicious Dessert for a First Date http://youtu.be/MTSRtB_GI8k

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